An Extraordinary Tantric Erotic Experience

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Welcome to extraordinary nude, full body, erotic bodywork and man-to-man sacred intimacy.

This is an exceptional choice for relaxing and exploring your sensual side. Each full body session is personalized and customized for you! Whether you are gay, bisexual, straight, or an exploring individual you can enjoy yourself with someone who celebrates your journey and your unique expression.

Call, text or email any time for further information.

My signature session is a combination of relaxation and enjoyment including: Connected breathing, intimate eye gazing, yoga stretch postures, slow sensual undressing, light tingly touching, soothing Swedish strokes, heightened waves of highly charged pleasure, and much more. .

Treat yourself to this special relaxed journey to awaken blissful feelings in your body, heart, and soul. Let go and discover a very personal side of yourself that is unbound, free, and fully expressed. My hope is that you will leave refreshed .... physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

There is nothing like this anywhere else...
In addition to my signature session, I offer a coaching combination for those looking to address personal issues related to their bodies and pleasure. As a trained and experienced coach and bodyworker, I help other men to resolve body issues, performance issues and more. Please email, text or call for further information.

I am a trained and experienced bodyworker & professional personal life coach. My intention is to help other men to connect to their bodies. I am knowledgeable, skilled, & experienced in many modalities. Over the last 20 years, I have consistently provided high quality, meaningful, connected experiences for healing, learning, & growth. Many of my clients have found the sessions to be enjoyable, and relaxing. Others have found them profoundly moving, and effective at helping them transform their lives.

My stats: 5ft7 145#, masculine, muscular, fit, well proportioned, friendly, soulful, smart, boyish, manly, mature, nurturing, gentle, warm, professional, experienced, discreet, & safe.

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