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Date of appointment : 7th May, 2018 Return to top
Jason is a VERY talented trained massage therapist who has intuition and the gift of healing and relaxing. He always gets back to me immediately when I contact him via text. For our first appointment, he was in my apartment in less than an hour after contact ready to work. Jayson is super friendly and kind, and he has a comfortable table and brings all the lotions and oils, creams and music to make his work efficient and relaxing. I needed both therapeutic and relaxing work, and he seemlessly did both. He has the WARMEST hands - they actually EXUDE warmth. He e has terrific touch , both strong and sensitive. He was able to beautifully work on knots in my back and hip. Jason Boyd works up a sweat as he gives it his ALL. We talked about other so called therapists who phone in a light touch "massage". Jason digs into you with his hands and elbows. His smooth skin is a great contrast with his strength. I definitely would recommend him in the comfort of your own home when you have pain to conquer and to fall asleep due to his super relaxing techniques. A terrific Healer! Oh, and HE IS DAMN HANDSOME!!!! Even better then his pics! This guy will have a lot of new friends very soon and im glad i can be one of them! awesome job! Thank you, Jason!!!
Number of appointments: 2-5       City: Miami Beach,FL (Outcall)
Scheduled for: 90 minutes       Actually lasted: 120+ minutes
Technical details: Cream used; Medium to Deep pressure

Overall Rating:
Tech expertise:
5 stars (practically flawless)
Comfort level:
5 stars (practically flawless)
5 stars (practically flawless)