Gay Massage / Male Massage

What is a gay massage?


You probably have read in magazines, newspapers and local touristic guides the word "gay massage" and you have wondered what's the difference between  a normal therapeutic massage and a gay massage. Well, basically a "gay massage" is a massage session performed from a gay massage therapist. Anyhow, you must not get confused. Not all the massage therapists or masseurs that offer “gay massage services” have a gay sexual orientation in their personal life.

Many massage therapists perform a massage service that is only inclined to relax and have exclusively therapeutic results. If you are a massage client that is exclusively looking for a therapeutic massage, you must ask the massage therapist about his massage credentials, massage experience and overall massage training. Make sure to ask as many questions as you need before you choose a gay masseur. Questioning can avoid bad surprises.

In the other hand, If you desire is to get a gay massage that is more sensual or erotic, you must ask the masseur if he can deliver or provide the session you are looking for. Do not be shy about asking personal questions. It's important that the masseur understands your expectations. Many gay masseurs are very familiar proving erotic and sensual massages. They understand that sometimes you may want mutual touching or simply you may prefer to get the gay massage in the nude. Just remember: Always ask the gay masseur about his massage services. Get informed before you book a massage session.


The cost of a gay massage.


The price that a gay masseur may charge for his massage services varies on location, personal appearance, time of massage session and overall massage services provided. Normally, If you have an in call (you visit the masseur place) will be a more affordable rate than having the massage therapist coming to you. Also, If you are interested in getting a therapeutic massage only, will be a more reasonable amount of money than a sensual or erotic massage session.

In less populated areas, you may be able to find a gay masseur for as low as $50; exclusive spas in major cities may charge $200 or more. In more populated areas such as New York, Washington D.C. or Boston, therapeutic massage can cost up to $120 and a erotic and sensual session up to 250 and 300 hundred, depending on which masseur you are hiring. Remember, most masseurs provide 60 minutes massage but many of them are open to do 90 minutes as well. Sometimes, few masseurs provide special offers. Ask him directly for discounts or special offers.


When to get a gay massage?



Getting a massage is a not a luxury but a necessity. It helps the blood circulation and helps to relax. Any time is a good time for you to get a gay massage. You should not wait till the stress is killing you. On the contrary, make sure getting a massage becomes part of your weekly routine.

A regular gay massage is an amazing way to cope physical stress and emotional stress. Normally, emotional stresses will reflect on how you carry your body. Many people with stress problems start having physical problems. A regular gay massage can help you maintain a healthy well being and overall a happy life. How often you get a male massage depends on your personal needs, your desires and your budget.


Nude gay massage


In the last years the nude massage performances have gained a lot of popularity between the gay massage community. Many masseurs offer this modality and it seems massage clients are enjoying more this kind of session than the regular massage therapy. Most masseurs providing nude gay massage are the ones that specialize in gay erotic and sensual massage. In the other hand, many masseurs that specialize on providing therapeutic massage only consider this modality unprofessional and they will not compromise his massage license and their professional massage reputation. That's why is very important that before you choose a masseur you discuss your expectations and desires.

Also, If you desire to be nude during the session feel free to tell your masseur. He will understand that you feel more comfortable being free and not wrapped out with the sheets.

Many clients desire to get a massage in the nude but may feel shy about it. Issues regarding low self esteem or insecurities may exist. Do not worry about it. Remember a massage therapist is someone professional and trained that is there for you to make you feel comfortable and relax you. You should not see the masseur as an estranger who is going to judge you. On the contrary, you should see the massage practitioner as you friend. Massage therapists see every possible type of body everyday, overweight or slim, young and old, white or black.


Different kind of gay massage.


Massage therapists offer a variety of massage styles. The most popular are erotic gay massage, sensual gay massage and therapeutic gay massage.

In each city there is a male masseur who specializes in these different massages so you will have the freedom to choose which one you like. There are also have a group of gay body workers who specialize in offering other types of massages like sports massage, tantric massage, deep tissue massage, Thai massage, Swedish massage or shiatsu massage.

Ask your therapist what kind of massage you are looking for so there are not surprises.


The Ultimate Fun of Gay Massage



Massage is one of ancient forms of relaxation. But with time and change in preferences of individuals, gay massage has become quite popular these days across the globe. The search for a cute and friendly masseur ends with the ever increasing number of such massage parlors in different continents. Even countries from the Middle-East and Asian sub-continents have plenty of hot male masseurs at your service. These well trained male masseurs are bound to give you full satisfaction with their services. Unless you try the service of a male masseur, you will never understand what fun is stored for you.

The demand of gay masseur has increased in many times across the globe. With more and more people expressing their desire for a gay massage, parlors are wasting no time to offer their valuable customers with the facility of gay massage.

The first erotic gay massage parlor was established in the United States during late 70's. Soon it became very popular amongst the gay community and turned into a hot spot for gays. Later on during the late 90's the trend of gay massage was spread to various international tourist destinations like Brazil, US.A., Japan,  Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Australia etc. With the ever increasing number of travelers, the demand for male masseur is always at a rise. Thailand, which is now considered as the Mecca of sex tourism has a variety of male massage parlors which are well known for providing sensual gay massage services.

An excellent gay massage can be a very pleasing experience. If one has the right male masseur, then he is bound to enjoy unlimited fun. Just before going for any erotic gay massage, one must gather sufficient information about the service provider so that he can experience the ultimate gay massage facility.


Top gay massage cities

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Jersey City
Las Vegas
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Miami Beach
New York City
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Palm Springs

San Diego
San Francisco
San Jose
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Washington, D.C.
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