Male Sensual Massage

More than Just Sexual Arousal: The Benefits of Genital & Male Sensual Massage



Tangling the sheets with your significant other is one of the best ways to give your muscles a workout and release the sexual tension in your body. But more than just burning the calories, having sex simply makes you feel good – aside from providing you with numerous health benefits.


But is there a way for you to release that sexual tension, or simply reach the point of arousal without taking it all the way to climax? The answer is a resounding yes, and this feat can be achieved with the help of Tantric massage.


Is Tantric Massage the Same as Male Erotic Massage?


For hundreds of years now, Tantric massage has been performed by couples as an intimate way of easing the tension out of each other's bodies – without reaching the point when you will have an orgasm. What's good about receiving Tantric massage from your partner is that the tension will slowly ease out of your body, while your sexuality is also being aroused.


Tantric massage is also a great way to deepen the connection that you have with your partner. But when Tantric massage is performed by a guy to his partner, is it the same thing as giving or receiving male erotic massage? The two are almost synonymous with each other – although there are a few misconceptions about male Tantric massage that needs to be eliminated.


For one, getting or performing Tantric massage to another person does not necessarily have to be sexual in nature. Although your senses could be aroused during the process, the main word “Tantra” actually refers to having that personal growth through a pleasurable experience.


Additional Info about Male Massage


Tantric massage is all about reaching a highly spiritual level that will leave your sense awakened to the cosmos, as well as everything else around you. When performing genital and male sensual massage as part of the overall Tantric experience, men will feel that pleasurable sensation long the head and shaft of the penis.


You can probably say that Tantric genital massage is a form of male erotic massage, which works through the healing process of sexual energy. Not only does this type of a massage make you feel good – but it also has health and stress reduction benefits.


At the end of the day, whether you wish to call it a Tantric massage, male sensual massage or male erotic massage, what's important is to make the receiver of the massage feel ultimate good about his own body. If you're performing it to your partner, you should be able to connect on a level which is deeper than the physical or sexual connection that the two of you already have.


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