man to man massage

Get Better Sensory Enhancement with a man to man Massage

When it comes to physical and sensory arousal, touch and manipulation play very important roles. The ability of touch through sensual massage to increase mental alertness and reach heightened senses in a person actually has a science behind it. This is a long-standing practice which dates back to thousands of years. It is very effective, which is why it comes as no surprise that sensual massage has been around for such a long time!

The Mind and Body Connection

The key to sensual massage is the combination of the spiritual and the physical, fusing the environment with knowledge about pressure points to give you much-needed relief and relaxation. Strokes play a very important role in sensual massage, as you will probably recognize in Swedish massage techniques and other massages that employ the pressure point method. There is much kneading and rolling – strokes necessary to warm up one's muscles for more targeted stroke manipulation later on.

There are some important preparations to ensure prior to a sensual massage, though. First, the room temperature has to be comfortable and warmer than normal temperature. Ambience is necessary and is made through the lighting aromatic candles. For the sensual massage, an assortment of fragrance oils such as jasmine, strawberry, vanilla, raspberry and rose are great picks.

Heals Relationships, Too

Sensual massage is also good for improving the dynamics of couple relationships, too. For one thing, erotic massage often is a common recommendation for men who have erection problems and also women whose libido levels are quite low. Sensual massage – which is a combination of deep tissue, Swedish, foot massage, aromatherapy and reflexology – can target points in the body that will produce better sensations for men and women. Strokes in a sensual massage will usually start with light gliding touches then develops into longer and heavier strokes. The most common parts of the body stroked would be buttocks, calves, back, shoulders and arms. For additional sensation, the fingertips, toes and ears are also manipulated. Massage therapists can even use their weight to adjust the stroke pressure, so the body will continue guessing the next kind of touch to keep things interesting.

As expected, you will easily be at ease because these licensed and professional massage therapists will make it their priority. They will ask you some pre-massage questions such as which parts of the body are okay for them to stroke and whether they can increase the amount of pressure during the massage. There are both male and female erotic massage service therapists available for you to choose from, depending on your level of comfort.


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