Man to Man Massage

Discover Man to Man Massage and Its Benefits



Massage is traditionally women oriented.  There is notion that women are more competent in providing therapeutic massage compared to male masseurs.


This gender dichotomy can be attributed to stereotyping.  It is believed that women have all the right traits to be competent masseuses. These traits include receptiveness, intuition, and caring.  On the other hand, men are considered more goal-oriented, unattached, non-emotional, and too rational for the art of massage.


The great gender divide however was broken at the turn of the millennium.  Today, numerous male massage parlors are hiring men to provide man to man massage.  A man to man masseur refers to a male who provide competent massage therapy for fellow males.


Man to man massages are associated with homosexuality.  This is a narrow view of male massage parlors because the practice also falls under the category of metro-sexuality.


Understand the Facts about Man to Man Massage


It is a known fact that this type of massage is physically and emotionally satisfying for gays.  The therapeutic and gratifying benefits of man to man massage come from the fact that the sensual caresses of males can gratify homosexuals.  The physical and emotional urges of gays can be effectively satisfied by male masseurs.


Today's modern lifestyles however contribute greatly to the changing perception of man to man parlors.  It does not mean that those receiving massage from a masseur are gays.  The new urban male is now more comfortable with his gender.  He can confidently receive the sensual touches of a male masseur without feeling any eroticism about it.


Besides, a masseur can offer numerous advantages for clients.  For one thing, males have stronger muscle power.  They are in a better position to exert greater pressure on specific parts of the body.  The stronger grip and pressure are usually preferred by some men who need total body relaxation.


Different Types of Man to Man Massage


Male to male massage comes in seven various flavors.  The most popular is deep tissue massage which involves compression and friction to release body toxins.  Special massages that can be performed competently by men include hot stone therapy, Shiatsu, Swedish, and full body sports therapy.


For a more stimulating man to man massage, you can receive sensual full body service for physical and emotional release.  You may also get erotic gay massage from a professional male masseur which is a combination of erotic stroking and full body relaxing workout.

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