Restoration Hands Best 4 Hand in Town

At Restoration Hands we specialize in 4 handed massage. Relax and let yourself unwind with double the pleasure. Unique session with a combination of swedish to deep. Slow soothing exceptional touch uniquely choreographed to soothing music.

Single session full body Massage Swedish style with a slow soothing exceptional touch that is uniquely choreographed to soothing music in a relaxing room with candlelight and aromatherapy to let your body escape into.

I also offer an Herbal Salt Scrub. Deeply moisturize your body with Vitamin E and a healing blend of Ayurvedic oils as you exfoliate and smooth your skin with rich Celtic Sea Salts being massaged into your body. Then take a warm shower to let the oils into the skin leaving it silky and soft.

My Rates are:
1 Hour $85.00
4 Handed $160.00
1 1/2 $130.00

Herbal Salt Scrub with hour massage $100.00

3 pack available for $200.00

Our hospitality also includes fresh cucumber lemon water, an assortment of hot teas, plush towels and the use of our open stall shower. Heated table during the colder months for your comfort, aromatherapy and candle lit room.

My studio is located in the South End on Wareham Street. Boston, MA.

For more information, or to set up an appointment, please contact me by phone or email.

T: (617) 320-2101

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